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A Romantic Honeymoon - The Perfect Wedding Gift!

Posted: August 2, 2013

A Romantic Honeymoon - The Perfect Wedding Gift!

As a new writer for Honeymoon Wishes, I was put to the task of making a sample registry so I could better understand how the website works and what the bride and groom actually see when they make their own registry as well as their wedding website and blog. I have to admit, this whole process of creating a fake one is giving me ideas of making a real one. Now all I have to do is tell my husband we are getting married again, invite all the guests a second time, and ask them to buy us a honeymoon instead of toaster! That sounds easy enough to me!

When I began to choose the activities that are offered in the various locations, I found myself asking if anyone actually buys these gifts for the bride and groom. Having a private dinner for two on a pearl white sandy beach as the sun sinks below the sparkling water’s horizon, enjoying a romantic couples massage in the serenity of a spa suite, and an upgrade to a luxurious beachfront junior suite, and more. After making my third sample registry, I realized that this is a common type of gift—extravagant. Nothing about this Honeymoon Registry is normal. Nothing about these trips are anything less than an absolute dream. It honestly makes me wonder why I had never heard of a honeymoon registry before. There is no doubt in my mind that this will become the new “wedding trend” and as a twenty-two year old, I’m sure that I will be invited to many upcoming weddings in which the couples will be utilizing this type of service. The majority of engaged couples I know would choose to have a couples massage paid for them rather than receiving a crockpot.

Included in this honeymoon registry service, couples get to add a wedding website complete with a photo album, which is such a nice outlet for engagement photos. My husband and I spent way too much money on our engagement photos and they ended up simply going up on Facebook or hanging in various places of our home. Making a wedding website and displaying the creative work of a very expensive photographer gives your guests a little bit of insight as to what the theme of your wedding will be like and the happiness they can expect to see on the big day. The site also allows the guests to truly “know” the bride and groom as a couple, instead of separately. “The Story” is something I know all couples cherish about their relationship; and what’s better than sharing with everyone about how you met on your own personal website?

Making the blog was my favorite part. Being able to update friends and family about how the process is going without having to endure long and inconvenient phone conversations with everyone attending the wedding sounds like a breath of fresh air for most brides! It also allows family to give the couple distance and not add to the stress of planning a wedding. This also gives the guests a “connected” feeling that they would otherwise feel if they were to call and ask about the wedding or the process of planning it. Any bride, or groom, who likes to write and keep people constantly updated would absolutely love this aspect of the wedding website.

I will be talking to my husband about renewing our vows so we can partake in this amazing and convenient resource to experience a once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Hopefully you take my advice and start making your own honeymoon registry today!

Good luck and congratulations!