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Honeymoon Registries Growing in Popularity

Posted: February 27, 2013

Honeymoon Registries Growing in Popularity

With more than 74% of couples living together before marriage, retail registries for crock pots, gravy boats, wine goblets and other household items are losing popularity to the hottest idea in registries, the honeymoon gift registry.  A honeymoon registry allows newly engaged couples to budget, plan and list components of their once in a lifetime trip as gift suggestions for wedding guests.

Companies such as HoneyLuna, The Big Day and Honeymoon Wishes work directly with many of the resorts and cruise lines that are famous for making today's couples honeymoon dreams come true.  These organizations provide real pricing and descriptions for honeymoon gift ideas such as Strawberries & Champagne to welcome the newlyweds, a couple's massage or a unique experience such as a helicopter ride or swim with the dolphins experience.

"We used the site ( for our honeymoon to Hawaii and it worked perfectly. We already lived together and really did not need another toaster, so when I came upon this site I was excited. We were gifted $800 from our friends and family through this site. We used the money from my honeymoon registry and they got to enjoy participating in our honeymoon experience. We sent postcards from each place we visited and it really made it special for us and our "sponsors". Thanks for helping us to create memories!"   ~ Liddell (married October 2011).

Here are a few reasons why couples find that a honeymoon gift registry will work best for them:

1.  Start your married life together in the black!

Given all the expenses of the wedding, prior to honeymoon registries, couples would charge their first vacation as husband and wife.  Coming home from enjoying the experiences that wedding guests gift couples versus a stack of bills will have newlyweds starting off on the right foot!

2.  No gifts to ship!

With couples having ceremonies out of state or resort focused destination weddings, guests using the honeymoon registry won't have to hand carry or ship packages to the couple.

3. Couples that have already set up house value experiences over things!

Guests want to congratulate couples with a wedding gift.  Comments like "your presence is our present" are often over looked by the eager gift purchaser.  Honeymoon registries allow guests to feel a part of the couple's new life together by gifting toward their once in a lifetime honeymoon!


Getting Married, Don't Forget to Date!

By Our Friends at It', Jason Kimble (Editor in Chief) and Heather Kimble (Executive Editor/Creative Director)

Posted: February 15, 2013

Getting Married, Don t Forget to Date!

So you are finally getting married.  The big day is quickly approaching and you have so much to do to be ready in time.  Well, we have a very important tip to give you, “Don’t forget to date.”

We realize what you might be thinking.  This seems so elementary, so fundamental.  Isn’t dating what got you to the marriage stage in the first place?  Well of course it is.  However, many times during the wedding planning process, it becomes very easy to forget the importance of taking some time to spend with you soon to be spouse.  There is so much to do and everyone gets so focused on getting ready for the big day, it can be easy to let something as simple as dating slip through the cracks.  You lose site of the little things as your focus shifts to your wedding day and the need for it to be perfect. 

One of the most important things you can do during this whole process is to date.  Put all the planning aside, and just spend time together.  Enjoy each other’s company.  In most cases, that is at least a part of the reason you are getting married.  It is important to keep this going so that the relationship stays strong.  This simple task will help eliminate unneeded stress and help you both to relax a little.  You don’t have to do anything complicated, have take out and watch a movie, take a walk in the park, or just grab a cup of coffee together.  These simple gestures will help strengthen your bond and help you to keep calm even in the most stressful situations.

So grab your future spouse, go out and have a great time!  A marriage is about spending time together, so make the most of it.  


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