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Looking for a private island getaway? Turtle Island, Fiji

Guest Blog by our friend Eric Blair, LA Senior Travel Examiner at

Posted: January 28, 2013

Looking for a private island getaway?  Turtle Island, Fiji

When it comes to planning and getting away after the wedding, most honeymooners will agree that there are important key elements in finding the perfect romantic destination. Privacy/seclusion, atmosphere, memorable setting, no hassles, no surprises, consistently predictable weather, quality accommodations with impeccable service. Fiji’s Turtle Island has all that and much more.

Turtle Island is a secluded all-inclusive exotic resort situated just off the western coast of Fiji among the Yasawa isles, where temperate weather and warm tropical beaches beg to be enjoyed.

What makes Turtle Island such a perfect honeymoon get-away is the limited amount of guests at any one given time. Fourteen private beaches invite only 14 couples each week on the entire island, making it so exclusive that it is no wonder celebrities call this island their temporary playground away from even the seasoned paparazzi.

The calm aqua water, sun drenched beaches and unforgettable sunsets are but a few of the reasons this romantic location was chosen for the filming of the hit movie Blue Lagoon in 1980, starring Brook Shields and Christopher Atkins.

Food, drinks, accommodations, all activities and countless amenities are included in one price making the entire honeymoon experience as carefree and effortless as possible.

Privately detached and secluded ‘bures’ are the sleeping/living quarters of choice at this 5 star luxury resort. Each bure has its own distinct floor plan and unique design, as well as a personal ‘bure mama’ that attends to your every need throughout your visit.

Enchanted dining each night can be arranged just about anywhere you like. On the beach, in your bure or even on a whimsical lone island set for two. 

You can be as busy as you want or as relaxed as you need to be. The resort comes with more activities than you will probably have time to enjoy. From water sports to land activities, there is no reason to ever get bored in this classic tropical paradise.

If you have your heart set on a world classhoneymoon that will rival all other memories, Turtle Island has all the ingredients for the perfect exotic and amorous retreat.

Contact your Travel Agent or Honeymoon Wishes to learn more about this exclusive experience!

Photo courtesy of Turtle Island

You’re Engaged! Here’s what to do next!

By Our Friends at It', Jason Kimble (Editor in Chief) and Heather Kimble (Executive Editor/Creative Director)

Posted: January 15, 2013

You’re Engaged! Here’s what to do next!

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. Many of you have gotten engaged over the Holidays or New Year. Congrats! There is a lot that needs to be done and you may not know where to start.  Here are some tips to help you figure out what to do next once you are engaged.

  • Announce it!  This might seem really obvious, but sometimes it’s the obvious things that get overlooked.  Make sure you tell the people closest to you first, and then announce it more generally. 
  • Insure your ring!  In most cases, your new engagement ring is worth a substantial amount of money.  Many times it is the fruit of months or even years of saving.  If it were lost, stolen or broken it could take a while to acquire enough money to replace it.  Furthermore, the ring that you are now wearing on your finger is a symbol of your undying love and affection for each other, so regardless of total value it is important that you be able to replace it if it were lost or stolen.
  • Introduce your families!  Start with your parents and immediate family. Make sure you introduce parents, grandparents, and any siblings you might have.  That way they can also start to get to know each other.  Your marriage is a joining of two families, so it’s important to start that process early on.
  • Decide your budget and who is contributing!  Budget is a key part of the wedding day.  Once you determine how much you are spending it will help put together the rest of the event.  It’s also good to know where you are getting the money.  That way you don’t have any surprises when the bills come and there isn’t enough money.
  • Start working on your guest list!  You may not be able to finalize this list right away, but it is important to at least have a rough draft put together.  That way you can use this to determine your budget, or use your budget to determine your list.  And when you work on your list, start broad then narrow down.  Start by deciding the basics first.  “Will we invite coworkers?” and “How far extended within extended family?” are two examples of the questions you can start with.
  • Pick a date!  If not the exact date, at least pick the wedding month you would like to be married in.  Determining this as you are beginning your research, you can decide on certain parts of the wedding based on your month.  A good example is, if you are having a winter wedding and live in a colder climate, you can skip any venues that only offer outdoor spaces for your wedding day.  This will save time and make things move faster.  You can also ask venues if they have availability in the month you chose before you tour it to avoid looking at something that just won’t work.
  • Research and book a ceremony and reception venue!  This is important to get done early on in the planning process.  Venues tend to book up quickly and are the hardest thing to replace if your planned venue is already booked.  Remember that, just like you, there are lots of other newly engaged couples looking for places to get married so getting in early will save you lots of aggravation.  Also, make sure you look at venues that fit your needs.  Do as much research as you can from the internet and on the phone. Make a list of venues you like and keep track of the details.  Number of guest accommodated, place for the bride/groom to get ready, indoor or outdoor venue, exclusive vendors or open to all vendors, will your event be the only one there that day, fees and costs associated with the rental; these are just a few of the things you should be considering as you research the venue.  And be smart about where you take the time to visit. If you are researching and find a venue that only seats 100 people but your guest list is 150, don’t go look at it unless you are okay with trimming your guest list.  Utilize all the information available to determine where you plan on visiting first, this way you won’t waste time with places that don’t work for you.
  • Book a wedding planner/coordinator!  Whether you plan on using one for your wedding day, to help with the planning, or both; you should budget for one of these. Wedding planners are invaluable during the day of as well as during the planning process.  In many cases, having a planner can pay for itself as they are going to already know other vendors and be able to negotiate better prices to help you save money.  Having their help is also going to eliminate a lot of stress and help you stay on course in regards to getting everything together in time for your wedding day.
  • Register for gifts!  Of course our favorite registry idea is to register your honeymoon plans with  and create your free wedding website!  Doing this early on is a great idea.  It is never really too early to start registering.  It is important to be registered before your engagement party and showers.   Also, you can let your parents, siblings, and wedding party know, that way if a guest asks them they can let the guest know your preference. 
  • Don’t stress!  Enjoy the experience!  This is super important and also the hardest one to do.  Remember that at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is, that you and your spouse are married, happy, and in love.  Outside of that there is nothing else quite as important.  This day is supposed to be one of the most important and most memorable of your life.  Make sure the memory is not of you worrying about your centerpieces, etc.  Also, it is important to keep in mind that while you want your wedding day to be perfect, there are plenty of things that may be “wrong” that your guests would never know.  

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