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Pack It Up!

By Our Friends at It', Jason Kimble (Editor in Chief) and Heather Kimble (Executive Editor/Creative Director)

Posted: December 18, 2012

Pack It Up!

Recently, we had the opportunity to take a great vacation to Florida.  As we prepared to travel, we began looking at our options for airlines and flight costs.  And so began the high level math of bag fees versus flight costs.  We found airlines with no check bag fees, but the flights cost more.  Then there were cheaper flights but they had check bag fees.  The great debate began and the need for much research loomed.  And then out of the clear blue came a novel idea, why do we have to check bags? 

The answer to this is simple.  You don’t have to check any baggage to fly to your honeymoon destination.  Think about that statement, no checked bags.  Not only is it cheaper but it saves you the aggravation of having to get you bags when you land.  It speeds up the airport check in process.  There are so many benefits.  Now, you may be thinking, “How in the world can I get all my stuff into a carry-on bag and still have everything I need for the trip?”  That part is easy.  All it takes is a little planning.  Here are some great tips to get your luggage situated so that you only need a carry-on.


  • Do your research.  Make sure you check out the airline and the TSA’s websites on what can be taken in your carry-on and how it has to be transported.  Liquids have to be under 3.4 ounces (varies slightly by airline) and must be kept in a quart size bag.  Plenty of places sell “airport safe” size products.  If you can’t find your product in the smaller size, there are many places you can by travel bottles that come empty and can be filled with you necessary liquids. Check the dimension requirements for the airline you are flying on.  Once you know that, make sure your carry-on is as big as they allow. 
  • Don’t forget your “personal item.”  Not everyone realizes that all passengers actually are allowed two carry-ons.  The first must be stowed in the overhead bin, and the second must fit under the seat in front of you.  While the second bag is smaller, it can still be used to fit whatever items you may not have been able to fit in the first bag.
  • Check out your hotel’s amenities.  Most people when packing think they need to bring everything they use at home with them.  Most hotels offer complimentary toiletries in the rooms, which will help pick up some space in the bags.  You can also check out what types of stores are available at your destination.  Most locations, no matter how remote, have some kind of sundry store that offers your basic essentials.  This means you can leave some of your things at home and just pick them up when you arrive.
  • Plan out your attire.  Take the time while packing to plan out your outfits and pay attention to the details.  Don’t just pick out a pair of pants and a shirt.  Make sure you plan your shoes and accessories as well.  Take a picture with your cell phone and save it so you can remember your outfit.  That way when you get there you don’t feel like you are missing something simply because you don’t remember what went with each outfit.  Another great idea is to pick out a “color scheme” for the trip.  Doing this means that some of your items can be interchanged throughout your outfit choices.
  • Simplify.  Don’t over pack. Here’s an example of what can easily fit into your carry-on: 8 shirts, 2 tanks, 1 pair of ballet flats, flip flops, and dress sandals, 2 bras, 8 pairs of socks, 8 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of shorts and capris, 1 dress, 1 travel pouch with your jewelry, 1 travel pouch with non liquid toiletries, 1 hair dryer, 1 curling iron, and 1 brush. Also, by rolling up your clothing you will give yourself more room in your carry-on. Your makeup, camera, phone chargers, and quart size bag of liquids will easily fit into your personal item bag.


Carnival Cruises Make Honeymoons A ‘Breeze’

Guest Blog by our friend Eric Blair, LA Senior Travel Examiner at

Posted: December 11, 2012

Carnival Cruises Make Honeymoons A ‘Breeze’

If you are a first-time (or seasoned) cruiser looking for honeymoon options, look no further than the all-inclusive benefits of a cruise on the Carnival Breeze, the lines’ newest ship introduced November, 2012.

 Miami is home port to this luxury liner where dreams are realized and memories are made to last a lifetime.

 Luxury and affordability come together with all the amenities for just about any wedding budget. Many couples planning their honeymoon are unaware of the real value built into a Carnival cruise experience. For as little as $55 a day per person (anytime meals, entertainment, activities, sun and sea all included!), a couple can book a 6-day cruise vacation without the worries of hotel stay, car rentals, tipping 3 meals a day or running out of things to do. Everything is combined into one cost to make your trip as worry-free as possible.

The ships’ itinerary includes many fun and exotic destinations. Ports of call countries include, Jamaica, Mexico, Grand Turk, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Curacao, and even Key West. Plenty of scuba diving, snorkeling or sandy beaches to explore and enjoy.

The Carnival Breeze was designed with a generous number of choices when it comes to  activities, dining and just plan relaxation. Enough to keep you as busy as you want to be while at sea, or an exciting evening after a fun day at port.

Spacious accommodations in balcony staterooms are perfect for the honeymooners providing an ocean view that is both romantic as well as breathtaking. The sounds and smell of the warm ocean air intoxicates the senses as the Breeze sails from port to port.

Carnival’s dedication to service and fun is what they are all about. All staff and crew are well-trained in making your voyage as comfortable, safe and memorable as possible.

Remember, if you are planning any cruise honeymoon or getaway, be sure to apply early for your passport. Most cruises leave U.S. waters and require a valid passport before even sailing. Allow yourself at least 90 days to prepare before for the passport process when booking your cruise.  Also, be sure to check out Carnival's Honeymoon Registry,


For more details, ship deck plans and booking information, log onto or call your Travel Agent today.


Thank you notes – Be sure to send them!

By Our Friends at It', Jason Kimble (Editor in Chief) and Heather Kimble (Executive Editor/Creative Director)

Posted: December 3, 2012

Thank you notes – Be sure to send them!


One of the big things to remember after you wedding day, once the honeymoon is over, is to get to work on your thank you notes right away.  Thank You Notes show your appreciation to your guests. 

  • Thank you notes should be written within three months of receiving the gift.
  • Use nice blank stationery for your thank you notes.  (No preprinted cards, phone calls, or emails!)
  • Personalize each Thank You Note.  Reference the person(s) name and the gift given.
  • If the gift was money, mention how you will use it.  You don’t have to mention the amount.
  • Handwrite each Thank You Note.  Make sure to use a black or blue ball point pen.  This will cause there to be less ink splotches.   
  • Don’t try to write them all at once.  Set aside time each day to write 3-5 notes.
  • Don’t rush through them.  Your guests took time considering the gift they purchased you.  Make sure you take an equal amount of time in preparing their Thank You Note.  
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