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A Few Honeymoon Tips You May Not Think Of

By Our Friends at It', Jason Kimble (Editor in Chief) and Heather Kimble (Executive Editor/Creative Director)

Posted: November 13, 2012

A Few Honeymoon Tips You May Not Think Of

  • Don’t over pack!  Make sure when you are packing your suitcase for the trip that you leave room for all of the souvenirs that you will be purchasing and getting while you are on the trip.  If you are flying make sure you have the extra weight capacity as most airlines have weight limits.  If the airline allows two bags, you can bring a spare bag folded up inside your suitcase for the ride home as well. 
  • Don’t buy souvenirs too early!  You are going to be on your honeymoon for at least a few days.  Make sure you take the time and look around to see exactly which souvenirs you are interested in purchasing.  This will not only keep you from regretting your purchases and buying too many, it will also help save you money.  However, if you are going somewhere special (like an excursion on a cruise) make sure you consider what items may not be available elsewhere on the trip.
  • Do go off the beaten path!  Whether it be the destination you choose, or what you choose to do once you arrive there, make sure you don’t get caught in the trap of doing the same old same old.  There are lots of interesting and exotic places to go and lots of things to do.  Make sure you try out and explore the local flair of the area you are in as well.  Try local foods, experience the local culture, and see as much as you can.
  • Do take it all in!  You only get one honeymoon.  There’s no need to rush from thing to thing the entire trip.  It is supposed to be relaxing and the more you rush, the more you miss.  Make sure you take in every experience fully.  And remember, while pictures are a great way to capture the memories; there are also times you need to just sit back and enjoy the moment.  Sometimes people try too hard to get everything on film and it becomes a chore.  This can make you miss the fun you should be having.

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