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Here Comes The Groom

Guest Blogger,

Posted: September 10, 2012

We here at Honeymoon Wishes are so excited to announce our partnership with  Enjoy their guest blog featured here and check out their sleek designs and tools that bring socializing and weddings to a whole new level!

Weddings are so bride-centric that we went on a hunt to find groom information, guidance, ways to involve him. And here’s the thing: there just isn’t a lot out there. We wondered why.

First, though, a look at what is available for the groom-to-be. A couple of excellent blogs, for a start:

Groom’s Advice: This blog mostly has links to lots of useful information, from what a groom needs to know about flowers, to how to schmooze the bride’s family. Good stuff, and the blog is part of The Man Registry, a really cool idea that gives grooms the opportunity to create a registry, shop for groomsmen gifts, and more—as well as providing feature articles on topics that interest grooms.

Then there’s The Groom Says, a laid back, conversational blog with an awesome logo and tagline: A Man’s Point of View in a Woman’s World. The proprietor, Brian Leahy, recently linked to Canada’s Globe and Mail, which ran an article about Groomzillas. This quote caught my eye:

Groomzillas are as wearisome as their female counterparts, but a new breed of groom-centric bloggers and wedding planners is hoping to redefine the zilla moniker and shift attitudes around male involvement in the pinkest of industries in the process. They resent that men who express even the slightest interest in planning their weddings are being perceived as divas, especially since grooms, not parents, are increasingly funding the lavish nuptials.

“Any guy that cares about his wedding is now labelled a groomzilla. I don’t think that’s fair,” said Dave Soldinger, an L.A. producer who blogged every step of his lengthy nuptial journey – 17 months’ worth – at Temple of Groom.

Dave Soldinger, by the way, had his wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. And you have to go see what’s left of his blog (the journey ended, it seems, on July 1, 2011), if for no other reason than the tongue-in-cheek visual reference to Indiana Jones.

Another blog we found was UK-based Staggered, with its typically British tagline of Weddings. Blokes. Sorted. Having lived in the UK for ten years long ago, I loved the tone of this one—although a certain amount of the info is UK-specific. For instance, the service they offer to hook a groom up with a Staggered-approved British speechwriter, to help with the all-important toast to the bridesmaids (an English sort of thing). This is probably a better idea than the app we reviewed here.

Which leads us to New York based The Plunge. While some blogs celebrate the joys of groom involvement, this one has more the tone of, “Come on, you’ve got to do it, you might as well enjoy it.” I loved the way they solicited for subscribers:

Unlike a certain someone, we’re not asking for a lifelong commitment. This can stay casual. Join us and get:

  • Access to the Community
  • To-do reminders (less lame than it sounds)
  • Antidotes to your bride’s wedding-porn

And one of their feature articles was titled: Why You Need Us: Is wedding planning fun? No. But we’ll make it tolerable.

This short list is by no means exhaustive. But frankly, we’re glad there’s stuff out there for the men, who are—after all—50% of the wedding equation. And as pointed out in the Globe and Mail, many of them have to foot hefty bills to provide the bride with the day of her dreams.

So why isn’t there more? Are we just not quite ready for the wedding-involved groom? Weigh in. We’d love to know!