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7 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding

AND a Honeymoon Wishes Honeymoon Registry

Posted: April 12, 2012

<font color= 6aa9ad >7 Reasons to Consider a Destination Wedding</font color>

Destination weddings are the fastest growing trend in weddings! There are an endless number of spectacular destinations for you to consider for your romantic, perfect destination wedding!  And... there are so many good reasons to choose a destination wedding.

Honeymoon Wishes is also a well loved honeymoon gift registry for couples opting for a destination wedding.  Many of your friends and family will be traveling with you and will enjoying buying for you the fun activities you will enjoy -- possibly with them -- on your "weddingmoon".  

Brides also love adding pre-wedding massage and spa treatments to their honeymoon registry.

Here are just 7 reasons to consider a destination wedding: 

  1. Worth repeating...  There are an endless number of spectacular destinations for you to consider for your romantic, perfect destination wedding! 

  2. They offer a more intimate and personal experience for you, the groom and all your guests. Every detail can be hand crafted and customized to ensure the experience is exactly what you want.

  3. The Experience…That is exactly what a destination wedding is…an experience. One in which your guests get to participate in creating the memories that will stay with you for a life time. They are very much a part of customizing the details!

  4. Destination weddings give people an excuse to splurge and take a vacation. In today’s economic climate most people look forward to having a reason to get away and relax. If having your guests participate and attend your wedding is really important to you then consider their needs when choosing a location. Your dream may be the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, but do consider if the guests you would like to have at your wedding will be able to attend the destination you choose. Keep in mind the costs, the travel expense as well as accommodations. If children are involved is the location kid friendly or is it all adult? If your destination is international all your guests will need passports. Always give your guests at least 8 months notice to plan for your wedding.

  5. Destination weddings usually cost less and allow more to be spent on you and the guests experience at the wedding.

  6. One of the biggest reasons to consider a destination wedding is the ease of limiting the number of guests attending and cutting your costs. Typically, people don’t expect to get invited to destination weddings. So, that 3rd cousin on your dad’s side of the family that is loud and always embarrasses himself at the family reunion…you can get away with not inviting him by saying you are having a very small group of close family and best friends in an exotic locale.

  7. Many resorts such as Sandals offer wedding packages to make planning a destination wedding easier. Some basic wedding packages are even free! Resorts often have on site wedding planners to assist you with your destination wedding.

And be sure to tell your friends and family about your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon gift registry - the best honeymoon registry!

Click here to learn more about how our honeymoon registry works or create your gift registry for your destination wedding now! 

When Only The Best Honeymoon Registry Will Do

Honeymoon Wishes - The Best Honeymoon Gift Registry

Posted: April 9, 2012

<font color= 6aa9ad >When Only The Best Honeymoon Registry Will Do</font color>

The Honeymoon Wishes Honeymoon Registry motto, "when only the best honeymoon registry will do" is an important one.   When you're planning your wedding, you search out the best.  You want your wedding day to be perfect.  We all know that a bride loves a bargain, but most brides don't want their wedding to look "cheap".  So if it means spending a bit more on the dress, on the cake, on the food... so be it.  

The same should apply to a couple's honeymoon registry.  You send beautiful wedding invitations, you invite your friends and family to a fabulous wedding and reception, and you invite them to visit your honeymoon registry.  Doesn't it make sense then, that your honeymoon registry should be just as fabulous as your wedding dress, your wedding, and your reception?  Shouldn't your registry be a reflection of you, your style and your class?  Your honeymoon registry shouldn't say "we're cheap", it should say, we've selected a classy honeymoon registry as we want the best not only for us, but for our family and friends too!

That's why we say "when only the best honeymoon registry will do"....

Your honeymoon registry should be a "complete" honeymoon registry experience for you  -- as well as for your wedding guests.

  • When we say complete, we mean a honeymoon registry that provides a shopping experience just like a guest would receive in a department store: Customer service (with Honeymoon Wishes, an 800# that is answered by real people to help you and your guests)

  • No bombarding your family and friends with ads while they shop

  • Special gift cards

  • Payments accepted by credit cards (We don't tell your family to set up a paypal account), and...

  • We actually work with you to process your gift monies just as you want them.  We don't tell your friends and family to just take a check to the wedding.  We can send you a quick and easy ACH / bank transfer or, if you want, your gift monies can go to our resort partners directly!

Honeymoon Wishes has spent years creating an "acceptable" honeymoon registry and creating it in such a way that the honeymoon registry was as “traditional” as possible to other bridal registries offered. It was – and still is – very important to us that honeymoon registries are respectful, well regarded and not considered “tacky”.

Honeymoon Wishes has strived over the years to offer the best customer service possible – to both the bride and groom as well as their guests – to insure that they have a VERY positive experience with the honeymoon registry.  Honeymoon Wishes does charge a small fee for our service - after all, we do have a staff and a cost to providing the best honeymoon registry. We're not just saying it... please read about all of our happy honeymoon registry reviews and advice from real Honeymoon Wishes couples!

There are very specific things that we feel set companies like, and apart – and make them true honeymoon registries.

  •  The guest never gives cash or a check to the couple. If they wanted to do that, why would they even need a honeymoon registry? Would a couple register at Target but then say “oh just give me cash”?

  • We make it as seamless as possible for the wedding guests by accepting credit cards – and yes, that does create a fee that we have to cover. But many many guests do not have paypal accounts that other companies suggest guests use -- and this is a true hassle for them.

  • We all have toll free #s for both the bridal couples as well as guests to call because we offer a service.  And because we offer this level of service we do have expenses to cover.

  • We do not cover our expenses with unwanted ads.

As a result of the hard work of and others like, honeymoon registries are now an acceptable bridal registry option according to the Emily Post Institute of Etiquette and honeymoon registries are now 12% of the bridal registry market and growing.

Thus, it is very important to us that the integrity of the honeymoon registry concept is preserved – and not tainted, by companies that do not adhere to the same standards and level of service as the rest of us and tell your friends and family to "just write you a check".

If only the best will do for your honeymoon registry, please click here to create your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon registry!