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Top 10 Reasons To Create Your Honeymoon Registry with Honeymoon Wishes

Honeymoon Wishes - The Best Honeymoon Gift Registry

Posted: March 28, 2012

<font color= 6aa9ad >Top 10 Reasons To Create Your Honeymoon Registry with Honeymoon Wishes</font color>

10    You don’t need another salad spinner or a toaster

        (Receive the gift of adventure rather than house wares!)

9     Your insurance doesn’t cover Waterford crystal if you break it

8     You and your fiancée cannot agree on a china pattern

7     With your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon gift registry

       you may be able to upgrade your hotel from a parking lot to an ocean view!

6     You’ll love how easy it is to create your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon registry!

5     Your friends and family will love your honeymoon registry – they won’t even

      have to leave home to buy your gift!  Nicole Bauer, a Honeymoon Wishes

      client says:  “Everyone thought our honeymoon registry was a great idea.  And

      they enjoyed reading our itinerary and purchasing pieces of our honeymoon.”

4     You won’t have to return any unwanted gifts to the department store

3     You’ll love all the gifts you receive from your honeymoon registry  (who

       wouldn’t love a sunset dinner cruise?  A massage?  A gondola ride in Venice?)

2     You’ll get to take your dream honeymoon you never thought was possible!

      And the number one reason to register with Honeymoon Wishes….

 1     Honeymoon Wishes is the best honeymoon registry site around!!!

Visit our website at: for great ideas on honeymoon destinations and to view sample honeymoon registries!    

Or call us (858) 433-1506      


Why Honeymooners Should Work With A Travel Agent

How does it get any better? A Travel Agent and Honeymoon Wishes Honeymoon Registry!

Posted: March 13, 2012

<font color= 6aa9ad >Why Honeymooners Should Work With A Travel Agent</font color>

For most couples, your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon will be your first big trip together.  You want it to be special.  You want it to be easy.  You don’t want to have to worry about anything.  In the middle of all your wedding details, you also don’t want to be spending countless hours surfing the net trying to figure out where to go and what’s best for you.

Working with a travel agent gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional is handling and / or has handled all of your travel arrangements for you. 

Working with a travel agent gives you the peace of mind knowing that help is a phone call away should you encounter any problems on your honeymoon. 

In the event of a problem, your agent will act as your advocate, ensuring that a solution is reached and, where appropriate, restitution is made.

In addition to booking the air and hotel for your honeymoon, your travel agent can help you plan what you will do once you arrive. Through their own personal travel experience, travel agent education and travel agent “familiarization” trips, agents gain extensive destination knowledge and can often recommend restaurants, activiites and attractions. Many agents also help honeymooners get extra "perks" through their connections that you can't get on your own.

There is a myth that travel agents cost money, or that booking at trip with a travel agent costs you more.  While there may be times where some smoking internet deal beats a travel agent’s price, more often than not, a good travel agent will always find a great rate. 

Not to mention, agents save you time and money by doing all the necessary research to find the best deals for your money and travel needs. A travel agent is a trained professional who offers expert travel guidance to insure you pick the right honeymoon destination, the right hotel or cruise, and help you find it for the right price.  

Do you want to trust your honeymoon to a “smoking deal” in a place you know little or nothing about?  The Internet is a great tool that can help you do some preliminary research, check on weather during your honeymoon period and general information about destination.   It is a great resource… but A travel agent provides the knowledge, expertise, counsel and peace of mind that an online site cannot provide.

Let a travel agent help you and insure you have the honeymoon with fantastic memories to last a life time.  A good travel agent will make your honeymoon a stress-free and memorable experience (for all the right reasons!)  And, chances are you will have enjoyed the experience so much, they will become your travel agent for life!

And of course, don't forget to to share your Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon registry with all of your friends and family.  Between having the most amazing honeymoon booked by your travel agent, and fabulous pieces of your honeymoon as your wedding gifts with the best honeymoon registry, you are on your way to a beautiful new life together!