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What to ask when planning your honeymoon!

Posted: July 31, 2011

<font color= 6aa9ad >What to ask when planning your honeymoon!</font color>

These honeymoon travel tips will help keep you organized and make sure you have the amazing trip you deserve. Use these suggested questions whether you are working with a travel specialist or planning your honeymoon yourself.

1. What is included in the rate? Transfers, taxes, fuel charges, etc. are sometimes left out of the quoted fare. Make sure there are no hidden charges.

2. What are the extra things I will have to pay for? What about tipping? Who? What? How much? Some resorts claim to be all-inclusive but aren’t. If you’re vacationing at an all-inclusive, make sure you know what’s included. Tips, optional activities, premium alcohol, resort fees, tips, etc. are sometimes not included.

3. What deposit is required and Perfect Honeymoonwhen? When is full payment required? Don’t assume just because you got a quote that the price is set. Most companies require a deposit in order to secure a rate. The final payment due date varies by travel provider. Most cruise lines require full payment 60 days before departure while some resorts allow you to pay at time of arrival.

4. Can my rate change once I have put down my deposit? If the price goes up will your price change? Make sure if the airfare skyrockets your final price doesn’t. Some travel specialists will give you a refund if the price drops.

5. What happens if I cancel? No one wants to think about canceling their honeymoon, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Make sure you know what you will be charged.

6. Is there insurance available? Many travel specialists offer travel insurance. The price for this option is based on: age of traveler, trip price and coverage required. There is coverage for everything including: canceling, medical evacuation and lost luggage.

7. Does the price go down if my dates are flexible? There is often a large discount if you travel during the week or avoid peak travel times.

8. Are there any specials for honeymoons? Many resorts offer packages and added amenities like champagne breakfast, massages, etc. Make sure to let your travel provider know you’re celebrating your honeymoon.

9. What documents do I need in order to get my marriage license or honeymoon specials? Be sure you know what documents you need to have.

10. Should I bring cash, traveler’s checks or credit cards? If you bring credit cards, be sure to notify your credit card company of your travel dates and location before departure.

11. Do I need a passport, visa or certified copy of my birth certificate? Many destinations need additional documentation or permission to enter the country. Don’t spend your honeymoon at the airport!

12. Do I need any immunizations? Some vaccinations take several trips to the Dr. to complete. Be sure you don’t wait until the last minute.

13. What should I pack? Travel specialists that have been to the destination will have insight on what should be in your suitcase.

14. Is there a limit of the number of suitcases I can take? Or their weight? Don’t get caught with excess baggage charges. Domestic flights typically allow a heavier suitcase than International flights. The aircraft type can also play a role in the charge. Know before you go.

15. Are there going to be families and children at this resort? Looking for a romantic getaway? Make sure you know what you’re getting.

Now that you have the right questions to ask when planning your honeymoon, you can relax in the arms of your loved one and enjoy your vacation as a married couple!

Posted: July 31, 2011